Skin Care Introduction

The hardest thing for people to do is to change their diet, yet proper nutrition is the most important thing your body needs.

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I have had many clients come to me asking how they can resolve certain issues with their skin. “How do I clear my melasma?” ” How do I clear my breakouts?” “I am looking old! What product can I use to help with aging?”

It is up to you how aggressively to pursue a skincare regimen. products only do so much! A few options below include:

  1. OTC (over the counter) products, natural or synthetics that you would buy through a rep, nice department store like Nordstrom, or discounters like Walmart etc.
  2. Synthetic professional products from your aesthetician, spa or dermatologist
  3. Natural/organic professional products from your aesthetician, spa or dermatologist
  4. DIY organic products (herbs, salves, etc.)
  5. Aggressive prescription creams from your dermatologist Highly discouraged!
  6. Chemical peels, both professional and medical grade
  7. Various laser treatments for aging skin, red and brown spots, skin toning, brightening, large pores, etc.
  8. Microneedling for wrinkles,melasma, spots, pores, scares, stretch marks, skin toning
  9. Injections to smooth out lines and wrinkles
  10. Changing your diet

 Problematic skin issues

  1. It is my humble opinion that the number one issue leading to skin issues, especially acne, is an unbalanced body from the inside out.  Most people, even those who are not even showing skin issues on the outside, do not know they have an unbalanced diet on their inside until they take a test to prove otherwise or change their diet and notice how much better they feel and look. Stay away from foods that cause inflammation.
  2. The second largest issue related to skincare for women is hormone fluctuations.  Age, pregnancy, birth control, menopause, illness, periods, etc.   Although we do not have control over all of our hormones, proper nutrition is again the answer to smooth out the imbalances and waves in our bodies.
  3. Number three is a food sensitivity. Dairy is the most common for acne breakouts , however each body is different.  Once you start on the proper path for nutritional health, if you have persistent issues that are going unresolved, eliminating an entire branch of food such as dairy to test its impact on your skin care for a few weeks is an effective tool.
  4. Number four is the toxic products that you may be using currently.  If any product you utilize is not well balanced to the needs of your skin (oily, dry, etc.) or if the product is full of chemicals and fillers it will throw off the balance of your skin.
  5. Number five is dirty makeup brushes, pillow cases and tight fitting clothing and hats that make you sweat.  Clean your brushes and pillow cases frequently, along with anything else your face is in contact with daily. Any time you work up a sweat, you should rinse or wash off lightly right after. Tight clothing and hats can make you break out from clogging your pores. Try to wash and exfoliate if you frequently wear tight fitting clothes.
  6. Number six is too much sun! Sunlight is great for your health, but it also causes pigmentation of the face. Melasma is often caused by hormones especially when you are pregnant but the sun will exacerbate it. It will also cause premature aging and dark or white spots.

The average person loses 1% of collagen & elastin each and every year. By the time we reach our mid-thirties, the loss rate of collagen & elastin doubles to 2%. By the time we reach our 50s, that rate has doubled again to around 4%.


Help avoid aging by simply not smiling or frowning. Related image

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Some basic must haves

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1) Cleanser for your skin type. You do not want to wash with a bar of soap or body wash that  has a high pH and will cause more harm than good.  Some women do not wash their face at all, and honestly in my opinion that is OK if it works for you!  Obviously if you have makeup on you need to wash that off, but if not and you have been washing with a rag and water then its fine!  If you have acne, its a good idea to wash your face to help get rid of the bad bacteria and wash with very warm water as that kills bacteria too!

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2)Serums are potent medicines for your face, natural or not. There are all different kinds for your skin type. My favorite is Vitimin C! and let me tell you why your skin needs this inside and out!

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  • Potent antioxidant
  • clarifies and brightens
  • increases elastin and collagen synthesis by up to 50%
  • adds UV protection
  • aids in product penetration
  • stimulates skins natural moisture
  • naturally low pH
  • anti histamine for your inside!

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3) If your dry, moisturize! Dry skin causes aging. people who are more oily, you will notice as they age, generally look younger. Use a good nourishing cream!

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4) Eye cream- it is important for your eyes to have moisture to look young and help with any puffiness and dark circles

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5) BB (beauty balm) Tint Creams- My favorite! It also serves as my makeup as it has more coverage than a “tint”. So it’s a light moisture, suncreen and tint all in one (as are most BB creams).  There are also very lightweight “true tint” BB creams where you will still want makeup afterward (or you can wear it by itself to give you an even no-makeup look).

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If you do not want a BB cream, then I recommend a mineral only sunscreen at a minimum. SPF30 is more than enough. Do not waste your money on a higher SPF.  This will serve as a light moisturizer and give you the protection you need from harmful UV rays that cause premature aging.  Mineral sunscreen is also good for same acne clients as the mineral compounds help heal acne, relative to other chemical alternatives.

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