Natural Deodorant That Works!

Native Deodorant

I’m relatively particular about what I put on my body on a daily basis, from makeup to shampoo to deodorant.  I figure its not the one time exposure to a chemical that gets you, but instead the daily dose of a chemical that can cause long term disruptions with hormones and other body functions that scientists have yet to pinpoint.

I have been using natural deodorants for nearly a decade now, but I have always felt like they were a compromise in some way.  Either too expensive, they simply didn’t work, or had some odd scents.  I have uses Tom’s, Schmidt’s, and many others that were OK, but I was not loving any of them.  I just knew their had to be something better online that I wasn’t able to get at the store.

After an exhaustive search on the internet for an alternative to the main “natural” brands I found a company called Native! I ordered a few samples and have been using their products ever since. It works better, actually keeps you dry like an antiperspirant (but without those chemicals),  and doesn’t leave a waxy film on your clothes.   I was so impressed with their products that I am happy to say that I now working with Native directly to show you what products they offer.

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Men- Citrus & Herbal Musk

Women- Lavender & rose

Coconut & Vanilla

Oakmoss & basil

Plus many more scents and holiday scents!

 If you place an order let me know what you think about how they work!  Send me a DM on Instagram or email me with your feedback 


For best results, rub your deodorant in with your hands. Naturally, with it being non artificial and non toxix, unlike other brands, you may need to dab with tissue before wearing tank type shirts/ dresses and depending on how active you are you may need to bring along with you to put on again but it does work!  I love it!


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