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Anti-Wrinkle Liposome Moisturizer

Being a master Aesthetican, I know how important it is to have professional quality skincare products that work!  I have tried so many professional lines and all work great but I wanted organic and natural and I wanted it to work as well as my other professional products!  I have tried Eminence (organic line) and an OTC (over the counter) brand, Dr. Hauschka, after researching it and seeing the many good reviews, however they did nothing for my skin.  My skin actually got worse!  I stopped using them and went back to the regular chemical based professional brands that I was familiar with.

I actually found Elina Organics doing my own research online.  After seeing how they are rated the best in Chicago, where they are located, and how everything is hand made there in house, I decided to give it a try.  I emailed them and they set me up with a few products based on my needs and discussion.  I was skeptical based on past experiences with natural products but I have to say that I have been extremely impressed.  I LOVE this company and these products!

I judge a product on many different points.  How does it smell?  How does my skin feel right after using it?  How has my skin reacted after a day, a week, a month?  For most high quality skincare products it takes longer, at least a month, before you find out if they really work and I was convinced after a month of using Elina that my face was doing great!  I have had fewer, or dare I even say no breakouts, if I did have a breakout they healed fast!  My complexion looks smooth and radiant and I don’t feel oily or too dry.  Just perfect for my skin!

The best part about this is that I am not just putting toxic chemicals on my face to treat common problems such as aging and acne, but I am giving my skin nourishing goodness.  What you put on your skin is very important as you absorb in every last bit of it into your body.  Just as you wouldn’t eat a chemical, you shouldn’t be putting any on your skin to be absorbed.  The healthier the product, the more nourishing it will be for your body!  I feel so good putting on this my skin and I love what it does for me.  I am now with everyone else when they say Elina Organics has changed their life.  I am no longer using toxic products that could potentially age me more and cause long term harmful effects.  Instead I am nourishing my skin!

You can order your own Elina skin care line through the below link:


Mermaid Elixir

Probiotic Peel

Complete Shave Set

If you need help with what products you should use for your skin type please do not hesitate to email me.  I would be happy to help!





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