Natural Baiting When Setting Up Trail Cameras

Always check your states regulations before baiting.

Top Baits

Mineral salt licks- OMRI certified

Apples or other fruits like watermelon! trust me on this, I could not get the deer out of our garden they ate it all gone!- not sprayed with chemical pesticides and not with the wax coating

Corn – NON GMO or Organic

Sugar Beets- Try growing your own ORGANIC sugar beets!

Nuts- Pine nuts, chesnuts, acorns – Organic

Growing feed- only legal in certain states!

I see too often a hunter pouring a bag of attractant into a feed bin or spreading corn and apples on the ground and a sweet syrup. I literally cringe because one of the reason why I enjoy hunting so much is that I am eating an animal that is completely grass fed without any chemicals and genetically modified feed!

With how often people bait, Makes me wonder if the game I killed has been eating all this non natural bait too. The animals people ate throughout evolution roamed free and ate grass. I want to continue to eat “real” food.

Studies show The way animals are fed can have a major effect on the nutrient composition of the meat. Look below on “why?”.

DO buy Organic/NonGMO, OMRI, pesticide free, artificial free ingredients!

DONT buy corn, sugar beets, alfalfa unless labeled NON GMO or Organic


GMO Dangers: Facts You Need to Know

By Jonathan R. Latham, PhD


The Effects of Genetically Modified Foods on Animal Health



Local feed store

Grow your own!

Find a local neighbor with apples and other produce

Alfalfa- Local or find online a non GMO variety




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