Protein Smoothies

I do these smoothies because they are nutrient rich, taste good & great for loosing weight too. I do try to stay away from soy products (unless fermented) and try to add a variety of goodness.  Stay away from cheap supplement products. For my blender I like my glass one I got on amazon. Its simple and reasonably priced.


Proteins I use– Vital Proteins Collagen peptides, Organic Plant based or Organic grassfed whey

Liquids I use– Coconut milk, almond milk , full fat coconut milk (extra creamy and may need to add extra liquid), coffee

Fruit & Butters– Any fruit.  Do less blueberry in anything because it comes out gross if you have too much. I will use any nut butter. Mainly almond.

Extra add ons

  • Vitamin C 2-3000 – Strong antioxidant, fights chronic illness, lower blood pressure, Lower heart disease, aid in iron absorption, boost immunity, aids in memory, antihistamine, boost energy, stimulates collagen!, heals wounds faster, etc etc
  • Chia seeds- Fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, protein, etc
  • Pumpkin seeds- Especially great for mens health! magnesium, protein, zinc, omega-3s
  • Walnuts- protein, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, omegas 3, aid in weight loss
  • Hemp Seeds- Protein, fiber, potassium, iron, fatty acids
  • Cacao Nibs- Antioxidant, fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, enhances mood
  • Greens- it has everything 😀  antioxidants, reduces appetite, detox & clean blood, energy, alkaline, reduce inflammation, glowing skin, etc
  • Maca Root- has many vitamins and minerals, improves Libido, improve mood, boost energy, improves memory, regulate hormone health.
  • Flax seeds or fermented flax seeds-
  • Liquid probiotics-
  • MTC oil
  • Caoco Butter (love this in coffee)





Basic Smoothie

1C Coconut Milk

Large Handful Berries

Vital Protein Powders


Krystal’s Smoothie

1C Coconut milk

Large handful fruit or 1C fruit,  strawberry/peach  strawberry/ assorted berries  mango/peach etc…

Protein Powder of any kind

1 Scoop Vitamin C 2000

1/2-1 Scoop Greens

1 TBL Chia Seeds or fermented flax


** I will keep updating on my smoothie post as time goes on! I have a bunch 🙂




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