Trip to Sedona

Cathedral Rock Vortex Trail looking over a part of Sedona, Arizona

Have you ever heard the well known country artist Jamie O Neal sing ” there is no Arizona”? Well I found Sedona and its breathtaking!

Cathedral Rock

I was trying to search for hotels for 2- 3 weeks straight and they are difficult to reserve last minute and the hotels in Sedona are more expensive than most local places so look ahead. I happened to catch a summer deal with The Sky Lodge on top of this mountain next to the airport which worked out great because we are high up and the tourist seek this area for nighttime sight seeing as the parking lots fill up fast! They also have an outside pool and Jacuzzi for those hot mid days when you dont feel like hiking around.

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The hotel didnt have a ton of info on the hiking trails so the first day I went by word of mouth and hiked a place called Boynton Canyon which was beautiful and later grabbed the appropriate map needed to seek out more trails.

Sedona has 4 ” vortexes” which are filled with either feminine or masculine energy. Many come to these to meditate and do self healing which really we all could use! In fact Sedona is filled with lots of energy loving businesses too like crystal and healing shops all over.

The sights are incredible. You can be at the airport,  chipoltle , cold stone, uptown and downtown everywhere you turn is breathtaking. Beautiful red rock formations filled with pinion and cedar trees you will get nothing but happy positive vibes everywhere you go!

If you look at the map you will see over 100 trails around Sedona. The few I went on and that were recommended to me were the

Boynton Canyon


Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock


Brins Mesa



These main areas also have other trails with them you can go on if you really want to take advantage of the area your in. You can bring or rent a bike too. I did see some trails where bikes were not allowed. Horses are allowed on most too! Starbucks ( my Rocky Mountain horse) and I will have to make a trip soon!

Nightlife… There really isnt one. Most of the places close between 8:30-9 except Moonys an iris pub which is okay and quite small and maybe the live band might blow your eardrums out and then the Old Sedona bar where I went and it was pretty uneventful. Locals have recommended going to Cottonwood 25-30 minutes away but they harbor a younger crowd and really isnt that much better. The little lodge I was at had two little outside hang outs with one hangout that had lights and was opened until 10 serving drinks. So dont plan on anything too crazy in the nightlife department. Its better to get your rest and wake up early to hike before it gets too busy and hot anyway!

This trip is kid friendly! though I would not recommend mid day hiking for anyone as its June right now and very uncomfortable it will be pure hell for kids. Some trails I wouldn’t recommend for kids like the Cathedral Rock however I saw a family with four youngsters make it up to the top and was pretty surprised! I was thinking the poor dad had to carry each one up that steep sketchy rock climb. But if you want to see it go for it!

I feel May/June was a fun time to go because the wildflowers were in bloom and everything was pretty green! I made sure to hike in the mornings or evenings as the temps were high 80s or low 90s. Again afternoons are very uncomfortable and I saw the look on other hikers faces too as they were starting up when I was heading down.


Twice I saw locals on the red rock tops playing beautiful flutes and drums. that was pretty magical.

What a perfect little getaway off the beaten path! One of my favorite places that will forever remain in my heart.

Little handy travel list

  • Tennis shoes, hiking boots ( I would only bring these if the weather was cool and wet) & water hiking shoes like the ones Keen makes.
  • Hydration pack is a must. I got one with zippered compartments to hold snacks, toilet tissue, chapstick etc..
  • Summer tanks, loose light colored t shirts or long sleeve depending on weather, shorts or yoga pants/capris, sunglasses, hats & mineral sunscreen ( I use Coola )
  • Hiking maps! The vistor center has a ton of information for you. Its worth it.
  • Swimsuit for the pool, flip flops and a floppy hat with a good book to read
  • Camera if you have it
  • Visit the local Whole Foods or Natural Grocers for snacks! I grabbed organic nuts, fruit, guacamole, chips, chocolate & jerky. Plus if you forgot your mineral sunscreen or anything else they will have it!


If you want your picture taken. Ask a fellow hiker on the trail if they want their photo taken. In return they will most likely feel obligated to take yours too! voila!

Look up what else you would like to do in town or surrounding area.  Horseback rides, hot air balloons, zip line tour, energy work, mediation, golfing, helicopter rides, lots of little shops, mountain biking, winery, Jeep tours,  etc.. Visitor center has alot of brochures to look at and books to buy.


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