Hi! My name is Krystal and I am a wife and mother of three. I am a licensed master Aesthetician (skincare), a natural health enthusiast for over 12 years, I own a small family heirloom nutrient dense organic farm and I have been outdoor hunting, camping, hiking, horseback riding since I was a little girl!

My first weapon was a bow as my father, who had a passion for archery, owned his own archery shop when I was a child. My family has a long history of living off the land and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us in southern Utah. I have an appreciation for other areas as well as I have moved often growing up on both coasts. I feel pretty well rounded in that department, however Utah has always been home!

Now it’s time for my children to learn the ropes, and I hope we can inspire you and your family to love the outdoors and teach patience, respect, compassion and living off the land.

I have many projects I want to be working on soon in the outdoor community to hopefully make a huge impact. I am passionate to want to help!

vintage utah hunting
My mom, dad & I
vintage deer hunting
Grandpa, grandma, uncles and my dad as a youngin
2004-05 Archery General with my brother and father. I use to wear moccasins around this time.