Why You Should Own Frankincense

If you could only have one oil I would say Frankincense is the most useful, and it has a pleasant aroma as well!  I use this, lavender and other pleasant oils in place of perfume most days.  Oils have many health benefits and are a natural alternative to synthetic toxic perfumes.  Plus you smell of … Read More



Elina Organics Professional Skincare Products

Elina Organics Being a master Aesthetican, I know how important it is to have professional quality skincare products that work!  I have tried so many professional lines and all work great but I wanted organic and natural and I wanted it to work as well as my other professional products!  I have tried Eminence (organic … Read More



Natural Deodorant That Works!

Native Deodorant I’m relatively particular about what I put on my body on a daily basis, from makeup to shampoo to deodorant.  I figure its not the one time exposure to a chemical that gets you, but instead the daily dose of a chemical that can cause long term disruptions with hormones and other body … Read More



Skin Care Introduction

The hardest thing for people to do is to change their diet, yet proper nutrition is the most important thing your body needs. I have had many clients come to me asking how they can resolve certain issues with their skin. “How do I clear my melasma?” ” How do I clear my breakouts?” “I … Read More

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