Healthy Recipes

Protein Smoothies

I do these smoothies because they are nutrient rich, taste good & great for loosing weight too. I do try to stay away from soy products (unless fermented) and try to add a variety of goodness.  Stay away from cheap supplement products. For my blender I like my glass one I got on amazon. Its … Read More



Fresh Pumpkin Pie

  Not really healthy but its handmade with whole foods, and from scratch. Usually I cook the pumpkin the day before I make the actual pie. You can cook both pumpkin and the crust one day and finish the pie another so you are not spending too many hours in the kitchen. I use all … Read More



Nutrient Dense Wild Game Chili

Our quick prep go-to healthy and hearty meal, double the recipe and freeze in a glass container for another time.  This recipe also works best if you have FRESH nutrient dense local or homegrown heirlooms ( more flavor!) so get yourself to the farmers market!  You can also make taco salad, just add fresh mixed … Read More
Organic Venison Chili Deer Hunting Recipe